With a musical and technological knowledge anf experience of more than 25 years with Indian music, production, arrangement and recording; producing his own more-than-dozen albums, Manish has worked also for third parties in different customized works, providing support in music-projects related to Indian music and its complex language, as well as meditation-relaxation-spa music or new-age / world music-genre, as called in the west. In brief the main scope Manish actively works on includes:
  • session recording of tabla, santoor, vocal, vocal-chorus, harmonium, sitar, bansuri-flute, saarangi, sarod, other Indian percussions
  • recording arrangement and supervision over projects related to world music (mantra, kirtan, meditations, instrumental, classical, etc.)
  • compositions for special projects, apps, websites, videos, albums, ambient music, films, etc.
  • background score for documentaries and films
  • lessons and sessions correcting pronounciation, expression and rasa to western mantra singers, to present a decent product representing India
  • licensing permission of pre-released music catalogue for third party projects
  • other customized projects and production-supervision
Please send us a mail, describing your interest, idea, project and time frame, and we will contact you with an adequate solution.
Collection of Mantra Albums

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As original copyright-music, it is compulsory to ask permission and follow an approval procedure to use the music (song, compositions and own-lyrics) of Manish Vyas. It is forbidden to use, or re-record his work in any publishing way, without getting his approval by written. Please follow this link for more information.