Mantra is from India, it started developing since more than 10 thousand years ago... time of the Vedas - amongst the oldest texts of Sanatana Dharma. The source of Mantra is Sound - actually Mantra is a Sound - which probably started about 50 thousand years ago when man was experimenting with the power of sound and what energy a certain sound was able to awaken.


Beyond my passion for Mantra, Music and India, the intention behind this project is to share the true essence of this ancient science. Especially when so many unreal and fake presentations of this ancient technique have been happening around the globe (like turning it into rock n roll, mispronouncing, and other disgraceful public rendition of mantras). Mantra is not a world of 'performance' and even less 'star-ship' - Mantra is where the person melts, where the person remains hidden... the sound takes over, until the person disappears.


 It is time the world knows what is the original art of Mantra, its depth, serenity and sacredness. It is also important for Indian people to re-discover or re-connect to the depth of mantras as a meditative tool for higher consciousness. With His Blessings. Om Sai Ram.

Since his childhood, Manish Vyas has been exposed to Sanskrit, Mantras, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gītā, spiritual poetries of Kabir, Nanak, Meera... as well as playing and singing in Kirtan gatherings at the meditation center run by his grandfather - a bhakti atmosphere that happened naturally and spontaneously in India, under its beautiful and unique traditions.

In India, when one learns music, one cannot remain untouched by the spiritual element of music, the sacred text of ancient India, where so many thousands of beings became enlightened and many of them expressed their journey and state of beings through songs, mantras. Coming from this immensely rich background, once Manish started interacting sharing his music and knowledge of sacred sound (the science of naad), he discovered more and more that in the west, Mantra was being represented something different from what it really is. Proud of his culture, science and traditions, he started sharing the true perspective around the world with his students and the participants in seminars and retreats - which is still going on due to the raising interest for the authentic.

In this movie, Manish shares this wonderful world of Mantra, sacred music and the actual approach to these ancient sciences; so that lovers of this tradition and practitioners can access the true spirit of the mantra science, the sacred world of India and also its music.


"India is my soul - i come from a family of Brahmins, that for generations and generations have been from this blessed region of the planet called India. Bhārat (or India) has such a rich heritage that only few people can imagine. The depth of its sciences is so deep that it would require many lifetimes to even start mastering one small area. As a musician and a seeker, trained under some of the finest maestros and spiritual masters in India, i feel responsible to show to the world the depth of sacred texts and how to treat them if sharing in the public domain, Sanskrit, music... and how music should be applied, presented, combined, or mixed with the science of Mantra. As i always say, it is not respectful to just strum a guitar rock-n-roll style into a mantra... it is inadequate to say the least. So we were able to dive into these subjects with knowledgeable people many times humbly hidden in some corner of India. I dedicate this film to India and all these Gurus, teachers and participants in the film who are doing the same effort as me, to show an authentic source - without selfish interests but overall the love and respect for Bhārat - forever India." 

"To interact with the knowledgeable people of music, mantra and ancient Indian sciences: it has been simply a great blessing and a fortune to be learning from these people from India, the land where all these sciences have originated."


feedbacks on the previews

"This is going to be so good, simply because the trailer is extraordinary. Chanting is not performance. Whatever you do, do it with a qualified teacher."

"The trailer is exquisite it taps into the beauty of Vedic wisdom. Thank you, i can't wait to see this and more."

"The real deal."

"So happy you are doing this Manishbhai - The truth must be known."

"Wonderful work! Thanks for all you do to revive the ancient wisdom of India."


"I'm eager to see this, learned already from the preview."

"This is the original and ancient point of view, which has been unknown to the rest of the world. It is time people know the real flavor instead of rock-n-roll mantras and kirtans."

"I just wanted to say thank you for making the Mantra documentary. From the first few moments you could feel the calm and power. It’s the first documentary on mantra that I feel I really want to watch!"

"Thank you for showcasing the Musical and Spiritual people of India and their wisdom on the science of Mantra and its role in increasing one's awareness. Honestly, till now, I was clueless about the science of Mantra. This message of yours has kindled my inquisitiveness to know more about the science of Mantra. I am sure your forthcoming documentary film, "The True world of Mantra" will be an enriching experience. What is heartening is to see your revered expression of Guru Bhakti to the awakened masters. Also, more important, you continue to remain with an attitude of sincere student and not attempting to get into the shoes of the Guru; thus remaining as an instrument to channelize the right knowledge to thousands of your followers. Also, I salute your resolve and passion towards showcasing Vedas and Upanishads to the world in right perspective and making an effort to preserve its authenticity."

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authenticity first.

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