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Meditative music from India album Anada Nada

A master musical collection, led by the soothing, seductive sounds of Santoor  and enhanced by subtle vocals, sitar, violin and other delicate eastern sounds that captivate all senses.

Blissful Sounds of Santoor


Mantras album Mangalam by Manish Vyas

Recorded with the most refined musicians from India, this album is a call to the most auspicious, using mantras, kirtans, and other sacred songs from India that subtly call such vibrations, connecting with uplifting and sattvic (purifying) energies.



Sahaj Atma Shanti Mantras by Manish Vyas

A compilation of mantras and sacred songs, which can be nicely and effectively played during sadhana, meditation, relaxation, yoga... or just easy-listening to create good energy and a loving, protected surrounding.

Mantras that illuminate the soul


Mantra Album Shivoham Manish Vyas

Featuring Manish's signature velvet-like vocals, these ancient mantras express the depth of devotion, wisdom and silence, taking the listener to a meditative and peaceful space of grace and gratitude.

A Journey into Bliss


Sattva by Manish Vyas Shivoham Tumi Baja Re Mana

Soulful collection of a master album offering mantra music from ancient India, displaying a splendid musical sensibility, allowing the listener to absorb the true essence of sacred Indian music and its wisdom from beginning to end. If you are new to Manish Vyas' music, this one is a must-have.

The Essence of Being


Mantra Twameva at Cha Pita Twameva by Manish Vyas

"Tvameva Mata, Cha Pita Tvameva"

A mantra for light, protection, inner inspiration and connection to the Supreme source of wisdom. This mantra from Pandava Gita and one of the most beloved mantras coming from verses spoken by Queen Gandhari to Krishna.

Mantra (single release)


Secret of Love mystical songs from India Manish Vyas

A profoundly mystic album, opening a new dimension to the musical mastery and spiritual spectrum of Manish Vyas music. Romantic, joyful, mysterious, a reflection of mystical India.

Mystical Songs of Love


Water Down the Ganges album Manish Vyas with Prem Joshua

Take a trip on a boat floating down your inner Ganges… this album enters your senses with rich images of the east – from rhythmical and energetic pieces - all masterfully played on instruments like Sitar, Santoor, Bamboo flute, Soprano Sax, Tabla and the amazing combination of Joshua and Vyas styles.

Prem Joshua & Manish Vyas


Prasad album by Manish Vya fusion Indian music

A musical blend of classical and modern India. Sacred songs based on ragas, compositions which have a remarkably clean production value that makes you feel like the musicians are in the room playing for you - this is a classic bhakti (devotional) album with the true spirit of India.

His Blessings


Prana music for Pranayama

Music designed for the Prānāyam (breath) practice based on the yogic science of controlled, rhytmic, conscious breathing for body and mind wellness.

Music for Prānāyam Practice


Album Rejoicing Manish Vyas

"Rejoicing" is an invitation, a call of the heart to take a journey to the inner being – the universe of oneself. Joyful, easy-flowing melodies from India.

A Journey to the Inner Being


Sufi Music by Manish Vyas

Recorded in India’s Ishvani Kendra monastery, Sufi Splendor: music for whirling meditation, features seasoned musicians, masters of the Sema’ a sufi ceremony, performing this irresistible music that propelled the original Sufi trance dancers. 

Music for Whirling Meditation


Bairgi Jain Mantra project album by Manish Vya

A collection of powerful mantras created for a Jain spiritual mission in India, who gave Manish Vyas the project of conceiving this beautiful soulful devotional album featuring 10 different tracks.

Intensely in Love with God


Deep Meditation and Relaxation music by Manish Vyas
Music for deep meditation, sleep, yoga practice, relaxation, massage, spa. Two 30 minute tracks and one vedic prayer.

Healing Sounds of Prayer


India Trance music for dance meditation
INDIA TRANCE will forever remain one of the most memorable phenomenon in his musical journey, a 
live concert in India with eleven musicians, with an audience of more than 3000 people, where the atmosphere was charged with an energy of dance, joy and celebration.

A Trance Dance Journey


Healing Ragas music from India by Manish Vyas

Healing Ragas III makes an absolutely exquisite soundtrack for meditation, massage and therapeutic practices, yoga, or just relaxing. This album is instrumental.

Meditation, Relaxation and Beyond


Healing Music from India

A mystical dialogue between Bamboo flute and Indian Santoor, this music will carry you to an enchanted land of relaxation and stillness

Meditation, Relaxation and Beyond


Healing Ragas Manish Vya

Two ragas, chosen for their soothing mood, are performed on bamboo flute, santoor and tablas to bring you into a feeling of deep relaxation and serenity. 

Meditation, Relaxation and Beyond


Moonlight Ragas Manish Vyas

Music based on evening ragas, designed to facilitate and deepen a space of calmness and peacefulness of the heart where healing, deep relaxation or sleep can take place.

Evening Melodies


Best of Healing Ragas Bansur and Santoor

Each Raga fills the listener with a sense of intense calm, drawing the thoughts inward and facilitating healing. Six instrumental tracks with Manish in Santoor, Keyboard, Tanpura, Tabla and Bikram Singh on Bansuri.

Healing Ragas Compilation




I am writing to thank you for what you do with your sacred music for all of us who hear you. Every time I listen to it it gives me more strength for my faith and my days.  (Argentina) 


I am writing to thank you for what you do with your sacred music for all of us who hear you. Every time I listen to it it gives me more strength for my faith and my days. (Argentina)


Thank you for being on my spiritual journey. I have so much gratitude and deep joy singing and meditating with you. (Schweiz)


Thank you so much for sharing with us what is dear to your heart. Receiving guidance in this treasure of sacred music from India is helpful and precious. (Schweiz)


I sat to meditate and decided to put Shivoham on. As i sang along, I was launched into what I can only call the Universe, maybe the cosmos... and had a total feeling of oneness with all that is and ever was... and a deep, deep connection with Lord Shiva. (UK)


Thanks and thanks a ton from bottom of my heart swamiji for sharing this and making us more aware of our legacy and beautiful people who are carrying it forward. (India)


I wanted to tell you that your music is a big part of what’s enabling us to get through the social distancing, seclusion and the uncertainty of how long this will last. (USA)


I had to drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles and I was listening so many hours to your playlists on Spotify, the trip became to smooth and the energy during the ride was beautiful and relaxed, it made me see the amazing quality of your music. (USA)

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