(Music Lessons are taking place normally)

26-28 July 2020 - Summer Retreat in UK countryside

Two night, 3 day retreat conducted by Manish Vyas in UK. Information and contact in this link For more detailed information or questions, contact Shama at / whatsapp 0044 7910 088 032 CANCELLED

11. Sep 2020 - Small Concert at Zanana Living Center, Winterthur

Welcome to the infinite world of music from India and its mystical sounds. Questions: - Time:19,00. Zanana Living: Haldengut Brauereiareal Eingang Ost Rychenbergstrasse 67 8400 Winterthur

link x reservations

25. Sep 2020 - Concert, Yoga Festival of Unity, Schweiz

Yoga Festival of Unity, live Concert Manish Vyas & Band after 20,00, in Waedenswil Schweiz. EVENT CANCELLED BY THE ORGANIZER DUE TO CORONA

3. Oct. 2020 - Harmonium Workshop, Gossau SG, Schweiz

Harmonium intensive workshop from 9,30 to 13,00 - write to or see our information link 

31. Oct 2020 - Concert New Album Release

Concert for the 2020 Album Release: MANTRA, a gateway to infinity.

More Information coming up soon.

Album Link

A 3 day autumn retreat conducted by Manish Vyas. SHIVOHAM, a Journey into Bliss. Details here. Link to accommodation & Reservation: Casa Santo Stefano


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Collection of Mantra Albums

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