13. Dic 2019 - Concert: Voice and Strings from the Heart, Winterthur Switzerland

Together with Hans Wettstein, we present a combination of voice, sitar, harmonium, classical and fusion in the beauty and depth of Indian sounds. Yoga Studio Toessfeld Winterthur, at 19 hs. | Reservations here

14. Dic 2019 - Tabla Workshop, St. Gallen CH

A workshop for all tabla lovers, details at this linkPlease write for inquiries, Manish will reply personally about doubts and questions. Open for all levels, also open for people who would like to watch, try or have curiosity for this instrument. Limited number of Tablas. email us

Die Teilnahme/Einstieg ist jederzeit möglich. Mal für Mal enthüllen sich beim gemeinsamen Singen und durch Manish's Erklärungen dazu neue Tiefen dieser jahrtausendealten Meditationsmusik.  Zeit: 19,15 - Bahnhofplatz 14,8400 Winterthur 052 212 33 61 redaktion(at) GETS FULL, RESERVE WITH TIME - Registration

24. January 2020 - Mantra Evening, Wettingen ZHR Switzerland

Hatha Yoga Wettingen 6,30 - 8,00pm with music, we will create a natural environment of meditation, helping to relax and attract the inner silence, through the use of music and mantra. Seminasrstr. 99 (5430) Wettingen +41 763355189 /

6. Feb 2020 - Indien und die Romantik, zwei Liebesgeschichten, Stadtbibliothek Chur

Wolfgang Hoyer (story teller) und Manish Vyas (Musik aus Indien). Spielzeit: 19,30 - 20,30. Info: +41 81 2545010 Programm Link

21. Feb 2020 - Mantras de la India, Lanzarote Canarias

Aprendiendo, cantando y celebrando juntos música sagrada de la India y Mantra en la bellisima isla de Lanzarote! La actividad se llevará a cabo el viernes 21 de bebrero, de 17,00 a 20,00 en Playa Honda. Cupos limitados, reservas : (Paola)

14. March 2020 - Harmonium-intensive Workshop, Gossau, St. Gallen CH

4-hour harmonium workshop conducted by Manish Vyas. For registration and/or information about the program, please write to Harmoniums available on request. Time: 9,30 - 13,30 - Fr.100. All levels welcome.  About harmonium...

2. May 2020 - One day learning with Manish Vyas, Bichelsee, Schweiz

Weisheiten und Musik aus Indien in Bichelsee "Ancient tools and music from India for the well-being of body and spirit : one day with Manish Vyas" 10 - 17 hs.   Link for Registration mail:

20. Jun 2020 - One day Workshop in Luxembourg

We will share different aspects of the science of Sound (Mantra), music from India and techniques with music. The workshop will be morning and afternoon, at Yoga La Source. Details coming up soon.

21. Jun 2020 - Concert Manish & Band, Luxembourg Yoga Federation, Luxembourg

25th anniversary of the Luxembourg Yoga Federation, open to the public. Concert time 17,00. Link details coming soon.

7.-10. May 2020 - Retreat at Landguet Ried, Bern, Switzerland

A 4 day spring retreat conducted by Manish Vyas. SHIVOHAM, a Journey into Bliss. Details here. For Accommodation see Landguet Ried

A 3 day autumn retreat conducted by Manish Vyas. SHIVOHAM, a Journey into Bliss. Details here. Link to accommodation & Reservation: Casa Santo Stefano


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