MANGALAM is a word in Sanskrit which means 'auspicious'

and this quality is reflected in these selected pieces

of the finest Indian music, invoking inner and outer auspiciousness.  
Beautifully composed Indian raga-based melodies that softly accompany each 
song, without disturbing the magic of its true essence and natural healing power.
Recorded with the most refined musicians from India, this album is a call to the 
most auspicious, using mantras, kirtans, and other devotional songs that subtly call 
such mighty vibrations, connecting with uplifting and sattvic energies. 

Soulful, heart-touching, harmonizing sounds from a mystical India… capable of
touching the soul and bringing positive energy to ourselves and our surroundings.

Mangalam : auspicious

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    Manish Vyas albums of healng music from India and Mantra

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