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Manish has been working personally for 25 years with makers of Indian instruments, which started when he was living in Pune and was an instrument dealer, mainly for western visitors who were interested in Indian music but didn't know where to find the best genuine makers.  Having a personal relationship to the makers in India, he finds the best quality instruments of all kind from India. That is why this is a very reliable source of quality and cost.


We are not barely a 'commercial shop', we love Indian music and Indian instruments.

Before you buy a Harmonium, be aware that some popular brands which have become a little famous due to some western singers, are very low quality brands as per Indian instruments standards.

Below are some of our most popular harmoniums and other instruments. If you have in mind a specific instrument or style, please consult with us and we can send it from India in 1 week, providing the model is available (otherwise it has to be manufactured and it will take 2 to 3 weeks.)

We suggest you send us a mail explaining your interest and experience so we can guide you personally on the best option for you.


Besides Harmonium, other popular Indian instruments like Tabla, Percussions, Tanpura, Tanpuri, Santoor, Harp are also available.


Please consult by mail :

41 keys stick-keys with Triple Reeds of High Quality (bass - male - female ) Teak Wood. Easily portable Folding model. Reed sets with 5 drones. 

Seven-fold bellows. Ideal for students and light classical music, mantra and kirtan.

Weight: 11 Kg.

Size: 56cm x 34cm x 18cm. Handle to carry incorporated. Padded soft-case included.

Estimated price CHF 880

41 keys stick-keys with Double Reeds of High Quality (bass - male) Teak Wood.

Easily portable Folding model. 

Reed sets with 5 drones. 

Seven-fold bellows. Ideal for students and light classical music, mantra and kirtan. Weight 11 Kg.

Size: 56cm x 34cm x 18cm. Handle to carry incorporated. Padded soft-case included. Estimated price CHF 790

32 keys stick-keys double reeds (Bass-Male), Easily portable folding model. Teak wood. Reed sets with 3 drones. Seven-fold bellows. Ideal for students and light classical music, mantra and kirtan. Size: 46cm x 31cm x 18cm. Weight: 10 Kg. Handle to carry incorporated. Padded soft-case included. Estimated price CHF 720

Triple Reed Teak Wood. 9 scale changer coupler. Portable folding model, superior quality. For advanced students and professional Kirtan, Mantra and Ghazal Singers. Size: 63cm x 40cm x 20cm. Weight: 15 Kg. Handle to carry incorporated. Padded soft-case included. Estimated price CHF 1200

Teak Wood. 39 Keys English Keyboard, C To D. Double-fold bellow. Reeds: Good quality bass+male reed set with 4 drones. Ideal for students & personal use in singing Indian songs, mantras and kirtan. Size: 54cm x 31cm x 26cm. Weight: 9 Kg. Padded soft-case included. Estimated price CHF 900

Different models and prices for different levels. Manish has experience about Tabla since 35 years... and has them specially made from some of the best Tabla makers in India. Send a mail about your interest and level and he will find you the best pair of Tablas. He may also guide you in the care, and how to tune them and how to start learning. Price starting from CHF 500 per set.

An acoustic string drone instrument, Tanpuri is a small-size Tanpura, thus easier to carry. This long-necked plucked string instrument found in various forms in Indian music. It does not play melody but rather supports and sustains the melody of another instrument or singer by providing a continuous harmonic bourdon or drone. Creates a very meditative and soothing sound and vibrations. Tanpuri usually comes with 4 or 5 strings, depending on the requirement. Estimated price CHF 450.

Indian Harp, a beautiful accompanying instrument that in able to beautify and support Indian music with its delicate Eastern sounds and deep feeling. Many models are available. If you are interested, send us a mail and we'll provide you some options and pictures. Estimated price CHF 450.

80-100 string instrument from India, which Manish has been playing for 20 years. He brings instruments (new and used) from reliable sources. He can help you understand how to tune it and basic of its playing. He can help you find a teacher in India to go deep into the learning of this instrument. It requires proper knowledge of Indian music system, lots of practice, dedication and patience. Prices from CHF 700.

Brought from India, different kinds and sizes are available. Depending on how many you like to buy, we will send you a quotation and also let you know the sā (note) of each bowl. We send a picture of each bowl for you to decide and if you want also the sound.

The tradition of singing bowls was brought from India to Tibet - they have been used for deep relaxation, stress reduction, holistic healing, Reiki, chakra balancing, etc. Meditating on the subtle sounds of the singing bowl tunes one in to the universal sound. Price from CHF 50.

Here we are displaying the most requested instruments by our students and followers. Since we deal directly with instrument makers in India - if you are interested in another instrument from India, which is not shown here, write us for a quotation, reference and photos of the instrument you are interested in. You can really trust the source and the price.


Being a player of an Indian musical instrument is more than performing. Your instruments should become an extension of your physical body. You need to know it inside out.  Experimenting your instrument starts with the basics like understanding the model, how it was made, its history, how it is played in India. So if you are planning to buy an instrument from India, it is wise you know at least basics, and we can help you with this., so you can make a good decision. There are various points that need to be considered before your purchase... don't just jump into a website and make the mistake to put an instrument that looks ok in the picture in the shopping-bag, without consulting your personal interest and background. It is important that the seller knows Indian instruments, Indian music, Indian traditions in music learning... and  in this way, can advise you in the right direction.

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