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The Healing Ragas Series Compilation Manish Vyas
Healing Ragas 3 - the new santoor-bansuri compositions by Manish Vyas
Moonlight Ragas, instrumental healing music
Rejoicing, genuine Indian sounds
Prasad, a journey to India with the music by Manish Vyas
Healing Ragas by Manish Vyas

About Manish


The beuty of Santoor merged with vocals and Indian mystical sounds and seductive instruments.


Sacred music and mantras from India, for uspiciousness.


Music composed for Pranayam practice. 


Healing instumental music from India. Santoor, bansuri, harp. One hour long. Ideal for quieting the environment and harmonize. SEE VIDEO

Mantras that illuminate the soul. Ancient songs from devotional India with the most loving and peaceful energy. SEE VIDEO

Mantras and sufi sacred songs for the inner journey towards bliss and inner tranquility. SEE VIDEO

Mantras and sounds from India where the essence is devotion illuminating the path of the true seeker. SEE VIDEO

Prasad is mostly and instrumental album with the sounds of mystical India which will transport you to this land of wonder and magic. Also great for Yoga and Pranayam. SEE VIDEO

Romantic India translated into music in this album full of romance, feeling, celebration and joy. A materpiece of Indian music with a touch of fusion. SEE VIDEO

Deep healing music with the finest sounds of the East. to bring inner silence. One hour album with the beauty of meditative bansuri, Indian harp and echoing sounds of ancient mantras  SEE VIDEO

Instrumental 2 half-hr pieces for morning and for evening meditation. Soothing and restorative in nature.   SEE VIDEO

Instrumental 2 half-hr pieces for morning and for evening meditation. Soothing and restorative in nature.   SEE VIDEO

Ragas are Indian music scales specially designed  in a way in which its combined sounds are totally harmonius and this is translated to the listening space.  SEE VIDEO

Instrumental music for night peace, meditation, romance, sleep, spa, relaxation and getting ready for the deep night. 1 hour woth a total of two tracks.  SEE VIDEO

It captures that deep feel of India rooted in the authenticity of its compositions  mixed with fusion elements but keeping its Indian roots.  SEE VIDEO

Music for Whirling Meditation captures the music that drives this resplendent and timeless practice with powerful and uplifting Sufi music. SEE VIDEO

Instrumental joyful sounds of India inspired in the Sun, the Moon, the Ocean, Love, Celebration. SEE VIDEO

Powerful music from India with a vast fusion of instruments and voices great for dancing and dancing meditation or uplift the energy. SEE VIDEO

India has preserved the mysticism of tone and pitch discovered by the ancients, and its music itself signifies this.

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