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Manish Vyas grew up in a family of musicians in Gujarat, India, where dance, singing, and playing music were part of his daily life. He was initiated to the tabla when he was just nine-years-old, later followed by five years of study with maestro Ustad Allarakha in Mumbai. As a regular musician for the Osho Commune International in Pune, India, he met musicians from around the world, was introduced to the sounds of world fusion, and added the santoor and his distinctive voice to his musical palette. An internationally recognized composer, recorder, and performer, Manish shared a musical partnership with several mantra, kirtan and instrumental musicians from east and west.

Manish has coordinated meditations and music for retreats all over India during 15 years and led many workshops related to kirtan and the power of mantras, as well as active and pasive meditations with live music, yoga and pranayam, as learnt and practiced by himself during years in India under the guidance of his master.

Manish is also Yoga teacher and he inorporates Pranayam, Yoga and different meditations he learnt during years in India in his workshops.

His label is a true authenticity and mastery in his music and in the knowledge and techniques he shares. As many have written in reviews,  he delivers the true knowledge, which he acquired during a lifetime of learning and teaching in India and in different retreats in the west as well.

Manish Vyas signature is his capacity to bring in an event "celebrative and uplifting" music. Not all the celebrative music is uplifting... but all the uplifting music is a celebration.

The power of music depends upon the grade of spiritual evolution that a person has touched.

Hazrat I. Khan

"Do not take a service from anyone without paying for it" Shirdi Sai Baba

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