October 19, 2019

India is a land where, for thousands of years, people have kept the search of truth as a priority; and when you meet people like Gurudev, you realize how important it is to connect with this essence of India... and this is the real spirit of India, where the truth remains totally intact in its purity, in its simplicity, in its essence... and is being shared with people in the most ordinary way, most spontaneous way.

August 1, 2019

Since the last twenty years, I’ve been offering the sacred music of India in various – what they call - Yoga festivals, in Europe and outside Europe. What i observe, is that a lot of the focus of the participants and the teachers in these Yoga festivals goes only in the āsanas. What is really the fact is that in the Patañjali’s Yoga sūtras which are a total of one hundred and ninety six, there are very few which are actually focused on āsana, because Yoga is an eight-fold path where āsana is only one dimension – the other seven dimens...

June 21, 2019

Nobody “created mantras” whatever mantras that we sing or recite were not created or written by people in the different times – they already existed in the vibration of the cosmos, and they were simply discovered, they were not created...

May 1, 2019

A retreat is an opportunity to 'detox' from our noisy routines, besides practicing certain techniques and meditations that can help for this. When we decide to join a retreat, it's time to be more in silence and in this way, receptive to higher energies. In the west, i observed that most 'yoga retreats' are conceived 'to have fun, offer concerts and multi-room asana classes... and socialize... a lot.' - nothing wrong with that, but that is not why a retreat has in principle been conceived and if we go to socialize, it's just a loss of...

March 31, 2019

Spring is a season overflowing with symbolism. It is a transitional time of year, when the cold and dark disappear and the rains of rebirth fall upon the Earth. The light begins to shine brightly once more, animals emerge once again, and plants and flowers “spring” into bloom. At this time of year, everything enters a state of renewal. So on a deeper level, spring is a time for us to embark on new journeys and start new projects with fresh ideas. It is like the fertile time of the year: think baby animals, fresh flowers, bees leaving...

February 14, 2019

In mantra, the focus is not on the goal or the result. When using a mantra for a particular 'purpose,' it may be that the result is not what we expected; but we must trust the higher source in that the outcome was perfect for us in that moment, in that situation. This is the way to aproach the practice...

January 28, 2019

The subtler we go, it becomes deeper, more sensitive, more effective. And this practice can become so intense… if you practice this regularly, you will feel, that even in your routine work, wherever you’re working, office or anywhere, maybe somewhere this mantra is continuously going on… if it reaches that stage, it’s the best: that without us making and effort, it happens.

December 31, 2018

Sanskrit is so much capable of expressing the inexpressible - that’s why, in English, I would have to say, “I am bliss,” but in Sanskrit, just one word, “Shivoham,” conveys that same feeling, that same state, that same bliss. And with the combination of the Indian music, its elements and the depth of the raga, combined with the Sanskrit sounds and the vibrations, it could be the perfect combination: that it is capable to create and transmit that vibration of “Shivoham,” that “I am bliss, I am joy, I am Ananda.”

November 1, 2018

Mantras require the proper energization for them to work in the best possible manner. How to awaken the mantra is the most important consideration in the usage of any mantra.

May 1, 2018

A lot of people, specialy in the spiritual scene, are claiming free services in the name of the sanskrit term 'sevā'... but it is a whole misunderstanding, a mis-usage of this term in a 'smart' or convenient way. One has to understand before using certain terms randomly picked from the Sanskrit wisdom.

April 1, 2018

Sacred music is a recent new phenomenon in the genre of concerts - I see that the purpose of music can be much higher than that; that’s where the sacred music enters. So with the sacred music we have this possibility to create a certain space for the listeners which can take them a little bit above the mental world: music has this immense power to take people deeper into a state of meditation, in the state of celebration, in the state of silence. And that somewhere became a very, very significant part of what I am doing through the mu...

December 19, 2017

In India there are never mantra concerts... this is because mantra was not conceived for enternaining, but for personal spiritual practice. TO AN INDIAN, MUSIC IS NOT AN AMUSEMENT OR ONLY ENTERTAINMENT. IT IS SOMETHING MORE THAN THAT: IT ANSWERS THE DEEPEST DEMANDS OF HIS SOUL. I. A. Khan

July 31, 2017

Sanskrit is a powerful scientific language where the sound is connected to a form, to a certain energy. Mantras, being in Sanskrit, use the same science, therefore should be properly addressed and correctly pronounced to be the most effective and to honor the tradition.

May 27, 2017

It is a responsible job for a musician to sustain that piousness of the sacred text in his composition. No matter how different elements he uses in his music, that sacredness should remain untouched and in fact  should enhance through the music, so that it can go deeper and do its work, so that it can serve the purpose for which the mantra was created.

May 15, 2017

The launching of the new album Sahaj Atma and some questions and answers about the birth and the meaning of this album. Manish, as the producer, composer, singer and instrumentalist of this work, gives some interesting answers about his vision. This CD is a collection of powerful and sacred Mantras that, to me, they illuminate the soul. With the soundscapes of beautiful vocals and craftsmanship of highly talented Indian musicians, this music creates a space in which one can dive, either through chanting along or just listening, allo...

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